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About Sydney

Sydney is the capital city of New South Wales. The city is wrapped around the beautiful and iconic Sydney Harbour. This is one of Australia's oldest, biggest and most diverse cities. From the center of downtown out to the suburbs, there is an endless array of charming and interesting things to see. The dazzling sites of Darling Harbour and the Sydney Harbour Bridge complement each other. The historic city center is a fascinating place to spend the day. The many beaches surrounding the city and Blue Mountains National Park—a World Heritage Site—are great places to either relax or be active.

Popular Attractions in Sydney

Sydney Opera House
2,941 Reviews
UNESCO World Heritage-Cultural Site
Modern Architecture
Opera Hall
Concert Hall
The Sydney Opera House is a symbol of Australia. It is recognized as one of the Seven Wonders of the 20th Century and is also a landmark in Sydney. Its white exterior, a shell-like sculpture built on the harbour, like scattered petals floating in the air, have for many years left observers in amazement. It houses a concert hall, a music theatre, a performance theatre, a children's theatre and a photography studio. Auctions, concerts and other events are held every month or even every week.
Taronga Zoo
1,313 Reviews
Located on the northern shore of Sydney Harbour, Taronga Zoo is surrounded by pristine forest belts and national parks. In addition to the popular koalas, kangaroos and platypuses, you can also see animals such as seals, tigers, monkeys and echidnas. Due to the geographical advantages of the hills where the zoo is located, it is also a great place to enjoy the views of Sydney Harbour. There is also a gondola lift in the Taronga Zoo, where you can take the cable car for breathtaking views of Sydney Harbour.
Sea Life Sydney Aquarium
1,364 Reviews
Parent-child tour
Sea Life Sydney Aquarium is located in the eastern part of Darling Harbour, with the main building under the waters of Darling Harbour. The passage here is up to 100 meters long, with rounded transparent glass on both sides, offering you face-to-face encounters with marine life! The aquarium exhibits aquatic creatures from Australia's seas, such as the platypus, clownfish, little penguins, and the denaturing Napoleon fish. Many marine life can only be seen at Sea Life Sydney Aquarium, such as the large, spindle-shaped dugong! Many of the pavilions here are named after the Australian waters.
Darling Harbour
1,264 Reviews
Darling Harbour, also known as Lover Harbour, is located in Sydney and is a large leisure area with entertainment, dining and shopping. Darling Harbour consists of port terminals, green water and various buildings. King Street Wharf is a popular venue, with trendy dining options. There are also famous attractions such as Sea Life Sydney Aquarium, Wild Life Sydney Zoo and Madame Tussaud's Sydney. You can also choose to dine in the outdoor area on the shore, shop at the Port Mall, listen to the performances of outdoor performers, or interact with the little pigeons. You can also take a boat trip to enjoy the view from a closer distance.

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10 Top Rated Beaches in Sydney 2020
Outdoor Recreation
Natural Landscapes
Water Recreation
Australia is a sovereign country. In the mainland of the Australian continent, Canberra is the capital, and Sydney, the largest city known as the most populous and expensive cities of the world, is famous for its beaches, the Sydney beaches. Australia has coastline for about 50,000 kilometers with over 10,000 abundant beautiful beaches, which every traveler around the globe seeks to experience. Sydney ranks at the top ten in the most livable city in spite of being one of the most expensive cities in the world.
TripBlog   Apr 7, 2020
 Everything Travelers Need to Know About Coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19)
San Francisco
Washington D.C.
Travel Tips
In late December, 2019, reports emerged about a novel coronavirus circulating in Wuhan, China. Since that time, travelers have been shocked by the speed and extent of the outbreak. As the situation on the ground develops rapidly, we have put together this short explainer covering the current scientific consensus regarding the virus (known officially as 2019-nCoV), efforts to combat the outbreak, and things travellers can do to keep themselves safe.
TripBlog   Mar 24, 2020
Adventure Outdoors: Wild Life & Adventures in Sydney 2020
Outdoor Recreation
Gourmet Food
Flora & Fauna
Outdoor Adventure
Port Stephens
Sydney is a wonder for outdoor adventures, which includes its wildlife, landmarks, skydiving, hot balloon, hiking, climbing, you name it.
TripBlog   Mar 20, 2020

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Trip Moments

Stars are long-changing, wisdom is eternal, and the University of Sydney with a baby card is the University of Sydney University of Sydney is Australia's oldest university. It is also the premier academic hall in the Southern Hemisphere and a world-famous institution of higher learning. The University of Sydney has cultivated history. A series of important figures, alumni, starlight, including 7 Nobel Prize or Crawford Award winners, eight Australian Prime Ministers, 23 Supreme Court judges, a number of bank presidents, etc. . It is very different from many universities in China. The University of Sydney is open-ended. There is no traditional wall. When you walk into the campus, you can see the open green fields, the green grass and the moss on the stone bench. Among the towering ancient trees is a beautiful building with different styles, like a secret garden sealed by time. When the classical main building stands in front of you, many fans can't help but think of Harry's description of Hogwarts in the book: "A huge building with many turrets and towers." The castle is located between two mountains, and the glass of the window shines under the stars. "Well, it is almost exactly the same as Harry Potter's "Hogwarts School of Magic." Gothic architectural appearance, graceful arcade stairs, is a scene reappearance in the book. For this reason, many fans and tour groups also come to the University of Sydney to visit the card. In fact, the University of Sydney is not a film Harry Potter. Special location, but the precipitation of history and time makes this century-old school have real magic
Posted: Aug 14, 2019
In addition to surfing, I also launched an untouchable trip to Australia. The first stop of the journey is the famous harbour city, colorful Sydney! As Australia's iconic city, Sydney's fascinating coastal scenery and unique cuisine attract visitors from all over the world. However, today I will take you to experience Sydney outside the travel guide. Follow me to see what other hidden menus in Sydney~ Darling Harbour/Rock Zone Rock Zone is different from other Sydney suburbs. It is a mix of old and new Sydney elements. The elegant atmosphere of the Sydney Harbour blends. Featuring pebble alleys and historic verandas, there are also trendy bars and contemporary art galleries. From the Harbour Bridge, not far from the historic rocky area. There are densely populated cafes, bars and elegant art galleries in the cobbled alleys. Walking here, many locals sit diagonally in the sun, slowly enjoying their favorite Brunch, or pushing the door into the art gallery to see the paintings of love. It's a pity that we are not in the rocky area on the weekends, or we can visit the famous "rocky weekend market". I heard that in this literary weekend market, I can find vinyl records. Manli Khao Sok has Australia's unique boardwalk. Here you'll find shopping malls, cafes and galleries where you can experience Australian culture and buy bizarre tourist souvenirs! Australians really like to sunbathe, and on the white sand beaches, local people can spread the big words to enjoy the sun. At Manly Beach you will experience the true surfing culture of Australia. In addition, at sunset, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the harbour at Manly Beach: the beautiful seaside, there are all kinds of yachts on the sea, the sun sets, and the most beautiful picture is unfolded in front of you. You can also choose to take the ferry, walk the deck and enjoy the unique view of Sydney Harbour from another angle. Saint Mary's Cathedral The unique "gothic" St. Mary's Cathedral in the city centre. Unrelated to the faith, attracted by the magnificent spires, want to go in and see. When I went, I met the mass. The believers were praying. The sun was scattered on the chair through the huge stained glass, and the face of the believers was calm and solemn. The side windows are fascinatingly painted, colorful, and each has a biblical story. The vivid and sacred atmosphere allows everyone who comes in to take the initiative to slow down, hold their breath, and feel quietly. Time is soft here and my heart is calm. Sydney Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney Park in Sydney, a whole piece of lawn, and lots of plants I can't name. Keke and I came to the early morning and watched the Sydney Opera House. We rushed to the salty sea breeze. We haven't been so relaxed for a long time. We simply sat cross-legged on the lawn and observed the crowd around us. We found that Australians really like to bask in the sun, and the benches everywhere are lying downside down with locals with large characters.
Posted: Sep 27, 2019
The most beautiful shopping mall in the world, integrating retro and modern landmarks, don't miss Sydney travel "buy and buy" is a very happy part of the trip, many small partners are listed before the trip Shopping list, there are also small partners who are temporarily eager to buy and buy. In short, no matter what the situation, most of them will not return empty-handed. If you are traveling to Sydney in the Southern Hemisphere, what are the recommended shopping centers? The answer is the Queen Victoria Building, known as the world's most beautiful mall. The most popular shopping experience in the Southern Hemisphere The Queen Victoria Building was built in 1898 and is a typical Victorian Romance Revival building. It perfectly blends the dual elements of retro and modern, and has become "the most beautiful shopping center in the world". The Queen Victoria Building is a very large one, occupying a block of street, surrounded by George Street, Market Street, York Street and Druitt Street. Enter the building and experience the most magnificent shopping mall in the Southern Hemisphere. has a large collection of designer fashion items, high-end brands, jewellery and cafes. The top floor of the building is completely pure art and antiques. There are some unique historical relics collections, free to watch, and friends who like to study history should not miss it. The dazzling array of goods is fascinating, and the beautiful oil paintings on the walls of the stairs and corridors make people feel like they are in the museum. In fact, the air conditioning is strong here, and every summer is an ideal summer resort for the city center. Exquisite arches, gorgeous glass domes and well-defined floor tiles make it a special experience for customers to shop in this rich classic style building. Our children are very interested in the Thomas train, so the goal is the toy store on the third floor. Through the transparent window outside, you can see the various small train models displayed inside, tunnels, iron bridges, and completely a train kingdom. This antique model can be found in the store, many of which have never been seen before, completely refreshing the horizon. The toy store is very large, there are many kinds of goods, there is a children's play area next to it, and finally pick a few Thomas trains that the baby likes, and complete the shopping action.
Posted: Sep 1, 2019
The best places to experience in Sydney are here! 1Bondi Beach Surfers' Paradise Great location allows countless surfers to experience and feel the power of nature! Events "City-Beach" long-distance running, "Wind Festival" Kite Festival, there are plenty of local and international events throughout the year. There will be a grand Christmas in the summer! Shoreline View From the 6km long Bondi Cliff Walk to Tamarama, Bronte and Coogee, the scenery is beautiful! The name restaurant is to pay tribute to a group of local enthusiasts who swim at the beach all year round, where celebrities often appear. Below the restaurant is the net red pool! Transportation: Take the train or bus in the city and get an OPAL card in advance! 2University of Sydney Science and medical science is at the forefront of the world 160 years of history. The University of Sydney is known as the Australian First School and has the reputation of Southern Hemisphere Oxford. The old buildings of the University of Sydney and the real location of the Hogwarts School of Magic, the Durham Cathedral in the United Kingdom is still somewhat similar, but "Harry Potter" really did not take pictures in Australia. However, it has become a popular place for newcomers to hold weddings. Pick a good day and dress up to attend the quaint palace, perfect! Transportation: opal card by train at Redfern station 3 Circular Quay Sydney's Circular Quay can be said one step at a time, especially the 23-day colorful Sydney lights starting at the end of May each year Festival, beautiful, wonderful! The must-see places around the Circular Quay: Customs House - Sydney Opera House - Museum of Contemporary Art - Harbour Bridge! Transportation: opal card by train at Circular Quay stop, from here you can continue to take the ferry to other terminals 4Sydney fishing market Sydney Fish Market Sydney Fish Market is the largest in the southern hemisphere Fish market! From 4 o'clock in the morning, you can see the busy figure of the shops, open to the public from 7 am to 4 pm! Pick good food, recommend it outdoors, enjoy the pier and the Harbour Bridge in the sun! But beware of the seagulls here, they will grab your food! So don't feed them! Transportation: Light rail to the Fish Market stop 5The Grounds of Alexsandria The mini city was successfully built, with a coffee shop, garden, courtyard, market and flower shop. ..... Their home garden is so beautiful that taking pictures is more attractive than eating! If you are coming here for a full meal, be sure to pick up the number at the entrance of the restaurant, because even on weekdays, it is quite hot. At 12 o'clock in the afternoon, it is basically 20-30 minutes. ! After dinner, go shopping outside the market and small shops, as well as a variety of animal nests, the ecology is not too good! Get ready for 2 to 3 hours, and take a lot of pictures! Address: 7a/2 Huntley St
Posted: Sep 10, 2019

Frequently Asked Questions

I recommended Tamarama Beach, Palm Beach, Coogee Beach, Bronte Beach, Cockatoo Island.
Here are the absolute best restaurants in Sydney: Mamak (Chinatown), Ippudo(Westfield), Tetsuya's, Cafe Sydney, Chefs Gallery(Town hall).
Here are the best places to visit in Sydney, including: Darling Harbour, St Mary's Cathedral, Sea Life Sydney Aquarium, Sydney Fish Market, Sydney Harbour. is part of Group Limited, one of the world's leading providers of travel services.
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