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About Madrid

The capital of passionate Spain, Madrid attracts many tourists with its diverse culture. Here there is luxurious royal architecture, world-famous works of art and museums, and of course exhilarating football matches and bullfighting displays that you absolutely shouldn't miss out on. As you slowly stroll through the city's lively plazas, go on a shopping spree, or savor the food, Madrid is incredible in the warm Iberian sunshine.

Popular Attractions in Madrid

Royal Palace
1,213 Reviews
The Royal Palace in Madrid is an exquisitely beautiful building. It is one of the most completely preserved royal palaces in the world. The Royal Palace, or Palacio Real, mixes Baroque architecture with Classical style, and is the largest royal palace in Europe by floor space, covering 135,000 square meters. The entire palace has more than 3,400 rooms of which about fifty are open to the public. Visitors can take a tour of the interior, where such treasures as the Stradivarius Room holding five Stradivari family made instruments are on display, as well as ceiling frescoes painted by masters like Velasquez and Bayeu.
Museo del Prado
745 Reviews
Museo del Prado
Puerta del Sol
552 Reviews
Puerta del Sol is the central square of Madrid. Surrounded by many historical buildings, it was once the Napoleonic army invaded Madrid and confronted the public. Now it is a place for major parades and gatherings for citizens and tourists. The Puerta del Sol is semi-circular and the buildings are surrounded by many buildings, many of which are the essence of Madrid's urban architecture.
Santiago Bernabéu Stadium
380 Reviews
Santiago Bernabéu Stadium is the home stadium of Real Madrid. Superstars such as Ronaldo Luís Nazário de Lima, Raúl González Blanco and Zinedine Zidane are have all played on all Bernabéu's famous pitch. In case visitors come to Madrid in the off-season, tours of the stadium can be arranged. You can take a moment to sit on the sidelines, in the coach's seat or on the replacement players' bench. You can walk around the display case full of trophies and even take a look at the media center and locker rooms.

Madrid Tours & Tickets

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One Day Tour of Cuenca & Casas Colgadas from Madrid
Private Day Trip from Madrid to Toledo
1 Reviews
Available for Tomorrow Onwards
Historic + Modern Premium Tour
Available for Tomorrow Onwards
Top walking tour of Madrid


COVID-19 Lockdown Policy and Tips for Travelers in Europe & U.K  [Updated 24 March]
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Travel Tips
Europe and in particular Italy are facing significant health challenges. Authorities have responded with a series of travel restrictions and enhanced public health measures. While not as stringent as those issued by the Chinese government, the European regulations present a significant burden for those currently traveling or who intend to do so in the near future. In this short article, we will detail measures now in place in major European countries as well as offer some general recommendations for how travelers can stay safe while abroad.
TripBlog   Mar 24, 2020
Would You Like to See the Bustling of Madrid? Just Visit those City Squares
Outdoor Recreation
Landmark Buildings
Would you like to see the bustling of Madrid? Just visit those city squares
TripBlog   Dec 11, 2019
Visiting is Free! You Deserve this Free List of Madrid's Scenic Spots!
Cultural History
World Heritage Sites
Landmark Buildings
Visiting is free! You deserve this free list of Madrid's scenic spots!
TripBlog   Dec 10, 2019

Madrid Weather

Aug 13, 2020
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Aug 14, 2020
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Aug 16, 2020

Trip Moments

In the afternoon, the Retiro Park is the best place to walk summer sun under the green grass, such as the / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / This summer is full of enthusiasm several times to Europe is winter this time is a rare choice summer all the parks are not in the stereotype of so depressed all the fountains start to bloom beautiful Lichi Park There are nearly 15,000 trees in the two artificial lakes called the lung of the city of Madrid. The area is 118 hectares locals like tourists, especially like the weekend evening Punch card statue avenue, gate of Spain, rose garden, monument to King Alfonso XII, Crystal Palace. The statue on the statue avenue the statue boulevard in front of the central man-made lake is the same as the statue of the twenty kings on the Oriental Square. is also the same as the one that was originally placed on the roof of the palace. The image of the king, was built in 1750 and 1753 by the reign of King Fernando VI. From the statue avenue out of the park, corresponding to the gates of Spain, the builder is the same as the construction of the Grand Avenue. There are many fountains in the park but each has a different shape. The spray method is not the same. water jet jumps up and the rainbow appears quietly Crystal Palace with artificial lake in front of it The question is the most beautiful scenery in the Lichi Park must choose the sunny day to the crystal palace surrounded by unobstructed glass wall let the sun shine in every corner of the crystal palace designer from the Crystal Palace in London Hyde Park Inspired, the entire building was completed in 1887. The interior of the building is now used for modern art exhibitions. There are animals such as ducks, geese, toads and tortoises living beside the artificial lake. Don't have any fun.
Posted: Aug 19, 2019
La casa del abuelo: paradise for shrimp people Whenever you shuttle through the century-old shop, you will always be attracted by this store although most people just come here to have a drink I ordered a ham to stand and hurried away and I think my favorite is their open window sill sit down and order a sangria wine with a freshly cut ham Gambas shrimp with hot smoke, looking at the Spaniards walking outside the street is leisurely or anxious... [Note] Although this shop tastes good but ugly me Still have to say that in the front this store will be charged because you are not a local person may also be related to the receptionist who receives you forcibly give you pre-meal bread and count it on the bill (price is at least 5 euros) ) In addition to the amount of food we ordered and the amount of bread is still not worth at least 10 ohms the number of seats here is poor, basically standing and eating this is also Spain More unique snack bar but pull a few friends to stand and eat while drinking more ground gas this home Although there is a place where I spit, but the decoration is still very close to my appetite La Casa Del Abuelo was built in 1906 It is said that Andy Warhol often visit this place is a paradise for shrimp people [onion Oil Shrimp Scallion with Spicy Olive Oil Shrimp tastes thicker and later knows that it can be eaten with bread. shrimp is still very fresh. The control of the shrimp is quite good. Through this artistic window, you can see the chef's main dish in the store here - Scallion Shrimp [Spanish ham] This is what we eat in Spain The first ham is a small plate full of 25 euros! Nearly 200 RMB will be eaten in one breath... However, it also proves that one point is worth a penny. It is not expensive. It doesn't make sense [Sangria wine]/ Hh/ Originally, we just came here because of the shrimps here. but the "charge more than our fees" waiter Xiao Ge has been strongly recommending their home Sangria from time to time to give a thumbs up then think of a drink by the way But the taste is exactly the same as what he described. "Good!" [again note] This store is very recommended but everyone must see the bill if they want to spend it! 2 cup Sangria, one ham, one scallion shrimp (pre-prand bread that is forcibly counted) total price 52 euros
Posted: Aug 17, 2019
Madrid, Spain must go to the Prado Museum Art Literacy Sticker Madrid is actually very suitable for art lovers to go to the Golden Triangle of Art near Central Station Atocha It attracts countless tourists every year. One of the most not to be missed is the Museo del Prado, which has the best works of Spanish art history from the 16th to the 19th centuries, such as the works of Velasquez, Goya and Greco. Foreign Renaissance works, such as Titian of the Venetian school of Italy, Rubens of the German Baroque, Boss of the Dutch surrealist, and so on. The . bag has traveled to Prado twice, and every visit is really different. The Goya black painting exhibition hall brought me the visual impact and shock, some of the revival of the Renaissance painter, the portraits of the ancient Roman emperors in the sculpture room, and so on. Its no exaggeration to spend a whole day in the Prado Museum. . The official Prado Chinese Guide must be bought. The museum also provides a map for each visitor. The map contains 50 works of essence, which condenses the best works of Prado, if time is limited. After reading these 50 works, it is enough. . Figure 1: The town hall: Diego Velzquez's "The Maid" (Las Meninas, 1656) Figure 2: The town hall : Hieronymus Bosch's Triptych of the World of Paradise (Earth, Paradise, Hell) (El jardn de las delicias, 1500-1505) 3: Francisco Goya's "swallowing it" The Saturno (1820-1823) Figure 4: Angelico's "Angel of the Annunciation" (La Anunciacin, Holy Inspiration, 1425-1428) Figure 5 : Sandro Botticelli's "The Story of Nastagio De Nastagio degli Onesti One, Two, Three, 1483" Figure 6: Albrecht Dre's "Self-portrait" (Autorretrato , 1498) Figure 7: Raphael's "The Cardinal" (El Cardenal, 1510-1911) Figure 8: Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio Victory of David of Goliath (David vencedor de Goliat, 1600) Figure 9: Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Ri Jn) of Artes Artemisa (1634).
Posted: Sep 6, 2019
INS wind net red paella Rosi la loca although not a century-old shop but with a unique decoration style attracted many people dark purple lights banana leaf flower butterfly color parrot murals, etc. INS wind net infrared clothing in the vicinity of Puerta del Sol in contrast with the old style of old may also be one of the selling points just like I am not long ago but I am young and have a young advantage The facade of the restaurant is very small. If you don't go to the toilet, you really think that the restaurant is only the 5-6 tables at the door. Actually, the underground location is more, but most of them are still willing to sit here, especially foreigners can't wait to sit. Outdoors The facade of the restaurant is very small. If you dont go to the bathroom, you really think that the restaurant only has 5-6 tables at the door actually the underground location is more, but most of them are still willing to sit here. Especially foreigners can't wait to sit outdoors [Main cuisine: paella] is known as paella with fresh seafood. Every bite is the taste of the sea direct steaming Seafood rice on the pot end I was shocked but the taste of Spains first meal made me a little unacceptable. paella was very dry and it was actually a thin layer compared to eating different paella. I prefer Portuguese paella (or porridge) The only good thing is the few shrimps above [roasted chicken] roast chicken tastes better than my taste with potato chips Bottom plus grilled belt coke chicken just right above a layer of Tata sauce is also good [fried eggplant] fried eggplant into a potato chip feels very crispy Adding brown sugar sauce to it and having some sweetness
Posted: Aug 15, 2019
The main square of the main square of Mayor is surrounded by stone walls and high-rise buildings around numerable spires guiding the sacred angels in the central square. The gleams are scattered in the alleys and scattered between the arches horse Jol Square is a plaza rectangular structure that can be seen in shape. It is surrounded by a column of cloister-style ancient buildings. The 9 external arches are connected to the outside urban street the corridor. All the seats occupied by the restaurant are facing the other side of the open air. Looking at the side of this side a few restaurants with several souvenir shops, handmade boutiques all centers are looking at the center of the square. The origins of the Philip III King's equestrian statue main square can be traced back to 1589, Philip II asked the famous Renaissance architect Juan de Herrera, discussion A plan to renovate the busy and chaotic old Albar Square area. Herrera was designed, but the construction did not begin until the 1617 Philip III period. Zhan Bolonga's Philip III equestrian statue was completed in 1616, but was not placed in the center of the square until 1848. The name of main square has changed several times. Originally known as the "Albar Square", it was later called the "Main Square." After 1812, all major squares in Spain were renamed "Constitution Square" to commemorate the 1812 Constitution. 1814, after the restoration of the Bourbon dynasty, the king renamed it "Royal Square". From 1820 to 1823, 1833 to 1835, 1840 to 1843, the square was renamed "Constitution Square" again. In 1873, it was renamed "Republic Square", and in 1876 Alfonso XII reverted to the name "Constitution Square". To the end of the Spanish Civil War, the square was renamed the main square until today.
Posted: Aug 19, 2019
Posted: Aug 19, 2019

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Here are the absolute best restaurants in Madrid: Los Montes de Galicia, Rosi La Loca Taberna, El Club Allard, La Barraca, DiverXO.
Here are the best places to visit in Madrid, including: Puerta del Sol, Palacio de Cristal, Sabatini Gardens, Plaza de Cibeles, Santiago Bernabéu Stadium.
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