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About Lijiang

Listed as a World Heritage Site, Lijiang Old Town was a chaotic and bustling transit and transfer point on both the famous Silk Road and the Tea Horse Road. The ancient city never had city walls. Lying between the river and the mountains, the landscape is magnificent. Inside the old town, the roads are paved with slick cobblestones. The quaint buildings, small arched bridges and beautiful plateau scenery have attracted the interest of countless visitors. The relaxed pace of life and unique Nakhi culture are also part of the Lijiang's charm. The area surrounding the old town also has many beautiful natural landscapes such as the magnificent Yulongxue (Jade Dragon Snow) Mountain and the idyllic Lashihai Lake. If you like ancient towns, Shuhe or Baisha Old Towns are sure to impress with their tranquil breath of life.

Popular Attractions in Lijiang

Jade Dragon Snow Mountain
11,942 Reviews
Jade Dragon Snow Mountain is not far from the ancient city of Lijiang. It is a sacred mountain range of the Naxi people and has 13 interconnected peaks with a breathtaking view. You can take a cablecar up the mountain while observing the vegetation changing from bottom to top. The foot of the mountain is a ranch. During the spring season, there will be a large number of flowers blossoming. The Yunshan Ping on the mountain side is regarded by the Naxi people as a romantic place. The top of the mountain is covered in snow all year round, and you can absorb the glorious sight of the glaciers when you are up there.
Lijiang Ancient City
12,804 Reviews
Ancient Settlement
The Lijiang Ancient City is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that has a history of over 800 years. It was an important stopover point in ancient times playing a very important role in the trading activities among Yunnan, China hinterland, Tibet, India and many other neighbouring Asian countries. The town is full of ancient wooden buildings, stone roads, and small bridges. It is the only old city built without a city wall. Standing in the city, you can see the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. Several television series were also shot here. The former mansion of the Tusi people (Mu Mansion) and the Naxi ancient music performances should definitely be on your checklist.
Mufu Palace
8,948 Reviews
Historical Architecture
Mufu Palace is located in the southern part of Lijiang Ancient City. It is the residence of Lijiang's Tusi from ancient times. The architecture combines the style of the Central Plains of the Ming Dynasty with the techniques of the Bai and Naxi people. It is a splendid architectural arts garden. Nowadays, Mufu Palace is a landmark of the ancient city. It not only attracts numerous visitors to visit, but is also the production set for TV dramas “Legend of Mu Mansion” and “The King of Money”.
Lugu Lake
5,368 Reviews
Lugu Lake is located between Ninglang County of Yunnan Province and Yanyuan County of Sichuan Province. It is named as such because it is shaped like a gourd. The lake is about 2,600 meters above sea level and locals see it as a beautiful pearl shining among the hills of the Northwest plateau. The Mosuo people living on the lake are one of the key highlights of the attraction. They are one of the few matriarchal societies remaining in modern world as women play the role of production and management, holding the principal position in society. There is no marriage, men stay in the women's home as mates called 'Axia' and the intimate relationship lasts as long as they like. While on board a local boat, you will notice that the lake is crystal-clear with swarms of seagulls flying over the water. The surrounding scenery is like a painting that is worth seeing at least once a lifetime!

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There Is Inevitably A Part of The Nightlife That Belongs to You - Specialties of Lijiang’s Bars.
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Lijiang is a famous “Capital city of romance”. There are countless bars inside and outside of the ancient city. But the bars here are not at all only for noisy romances, but there are also music bars, bars with indoor fire pits and many other kind of bars, so you can always find the one that suits you.
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Lijiang Weather

Aug 3, 2020
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Aug 4, 2020
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Aug 5, 2020
Aug 6, 2020

Trip Moments

Lijiang tourism must see the big show, the super exciting Lijiang love story Although it is not the first time to watch the performance of the ancient times, but still shocked! The magnificent "Liangjiang Eternal Love", relying on the profound historical and cultural soil of Lijiang, reproduces the history and legend of the Lijiang River for thousands of years. In the ancient wasteland of the ancient times, the Mosuo Flower House on the shore of the lake In the hurricane-wrapped tea-horse road, in the ancient town of Bianchi, where the Mang is dancing, in the romantic and beautiful Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, in the idyllic Shambhala, you will have an unforgettable moment. 0The chapter of Naxi Genesis tells how the ancient and intelligent Naxi people created a splendid Dongba civilization in a difficult living environment. Leading us through the millennium and exploring the "Everywhere we come from, where to go" is the eternal proposition of human culture... 1The first chapter of "The Daughter Country" shows the quiet and beautiful lagoon and ancient mysterious Daughter country. In this fascinating world of humanity, there is a branch of the Naxi people. This is the only ethnic group in the world that retains the matriarchal clan relationship. It still continues the "male marriage, female marriage" "custom. 2Chapter 2, "The Legend of the Caravan," tells the glory of Lijiang that the horseshoes stepped out. Lijiang, famous for its ancient tea-and-horse roads, has been playing the life of the caravans on the rugged tea-horse road for thousands of years. This is the most impressive chapter. The actors close-knit performances show the love and hateful feelings as if they were brought into it, and they have experienced the joys and sorrows. 3Chapter 3, "The Ancient Road and the Wind" is a joyful scene of a man-made dance song and a string of strings. The Tea Horse Road is also known as the "Southern Silk Road" and is the civilized road for economic and trade exchanges between ethnic minorities in southwest China and foreign countries. As a unique transit center on the ancient tea-horse road, Lijiang has ushered in the glory of merchants. 4 The fourth game, "Yulong Third Country", tells a tragic love story. As a nation that advocates freedom of love, the Naxi people have paid a heavy price for love in the process of the original marriage system to the "parents' life, the words of the matchmaker." Ending "Finding Shambhala", the sky descends from the White Tower, and the sky passes through the sky. Now people from all over the world come here to find the Shambhala in their hearts. "Lijiang Eternal Love" uses advanced high-tech means to restore a dreamlike stage for the audience, bringing a feast of audio-visual feasts; and the actors' smart gestures and wonderful interpretations, portraying Out of a familiar figure, a fascinating and beautiful legend, a scene of the tragic scene of Changhong, the interpretation of Lijiang's human history, and the use of culture touched the depths of the audience, making people remember for a long time. .
Posted: Oct 23, 2019

Frequently Asked Questions

I recommended Yulong Snow Mountain Cableway, Black Dragon Pool Park, Glacier National Park, Yunshanping, Guanyin Gorge.
Here are the absolute best restaurants in Lijiang: Tuo Jiang Yu Fu ( Lijiang ), Yun Xue Li Restaurant( A Shun Kitchen ), Xiao Guo Fan, 88 Hao Snack, Shi Guo Yu · Shan Zhen Restaurant.
Here are the best places to visit in Lijiang, including: Blue Moon Valley, The Romantic Show of Lijiang, Sifang Street Square, "Impressions of Lijiang" Performance, Lion Rock. is part of Group Limited, one of the world's leading providers of travel services.
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